Social Care CLE Guide

Interprofessional Education Project

One resident's story

John participated in the interprofessional education (IPE) pilot initiative in 2021. Having lived in a care home for three years, John felt he was experiencing ongoing challenges associated with transitioning from independent living to a care facility. Reflecting on this significant change, he remarked: “I never thought I’d finish up in a home. I’ve been on my own 12 years since my wife died and I was doing alright but suddenly I …wasn’t.”  

John decided to take part in the initiative because he wanted help with his mobility and emotional well-being. Learners from Podiatry, Mental Health Nursing and Sports Rehabilitation worked with him over the course of 6 weeks to support him with these goals as part of a collaborative team. John attended weekly meetings with the learners to develop action plans and they spent time working with him outside of the meeting. From the start, John described benefitting from spending time with the learners and enjoying the social aspects of participation: “Them two lads were so cheerful you felt better just in their presence.”  

The collaborative team worked together with John on various activities, addressing different aspects of his well-being. They worked on improving his sleep patterns and establishing healthy routines. Regular exercise sessions also became an integral part of John’s routine, helping him improve his balance and overall mobility. Massage therapy was introduced, and mental health support was integrated to ensure John’s emotional well-being was taken into account. John reported that these changes had a positive impact: “They taught me quite a bit about my balance and the exercises and things.  And I’ve done more walking since…I do feel better.” 

This holistic approach to John’s well-being not only enhanced his physical and emotional health but also provided valuable learning experiences for the students involved in the initiative. The learners recognized the importance of effective communication and learned to consider the complexity of the resident’s individual well-being, better appreciating the multiple factors that impact their overall health. One learner said: “I’ve learned you’ve got to take into consideration how they’re (the residents) feeling, how everything is affecting them, even just how they are that day emotionally.”