Social Care CLE Guide

Why do we need the Guide?

This Guide is welcome as it will help break down barriers, dispel myths and ultimately go towards helping people to be looked after in their own homes (wherever that may be).   People want to avoid going into hospital and prefer to stay “at home” and the more learners that can experience the care home as the preferred environment as residents HOME OF CHOICE has to be a very positive thing”.

Abbie Moss – Lakeside Care Home

I endorse the guide as it is a real opportunity to showcase the great opportunities that are on offer within social care to a whole range of learners and I hope this goes some way to helping to increase interest, awareness, and numbers that we can welcome through our doors.

Caroline Pressick – St Georges Care Home

This Guide is important because it helps to show the relationship between the NHS and Social Care which needs to be better understood if we are to be working towards a truly integrated and innovative offer.  It can only be a good thing to raise awareness and a  greater understanding of social care settings and services as this means greater respect, co-operation, and collaboration.  The end user, be it patient or resident, will benefit in terms of person-centred care and support and quality of life.  Working closely with educators we need to ensure that the real benefits of learner placements within social care are accurately understood, widely celebrated, and become commonplace. 

Rowena Bolton – Cheadle Manor