Social Care CLE Guide

Advantages for people who draw on care and support: examples and comments

"The scheme (using learners) benefited their physical health and provided activities that improved their emotional health but also improved their social connectedness"

"Any form of exercise, anything going on I look forward to it.... Doing nothing is just not for me I can tell you"

"You can see in their body language they are happy with them (the learners) They love having a chat with them... We're sometimes too busy to just sit and actually chat with them sometimes"

"The previous meetings I'd been to he (a resident) was extremely depressed, very down and then the one I went to where learners had been doing some exercise work with him his mood was so different and I commented on it and said Crickey, that's really brilliant"

"Managers and residents shared examples of some of the outcomes that had positively impacted on residents' health which included new activities, exercise programmes with learners and how this inherently interlinks with improvements to emotional health"

"I'm probably a bit nosey , want to know what's going on...Them two lads were so cheerful you just felt better in their presence!"

"Residents not only decided to take part in the placement scheme because they wanted to learn from learners but because they felt learners could learn from them – A contribution they sensed could help them gain an improved sense of meaning and purpose"

"Learners have made an impact on not only the care people received but also working with them had also cheered them up"

"Residents reported how they had benefited from learners not only in regard to improvements in their mobility, balance and use of a walking aids but how learners working with them each week raised their spirits......"

"Enlivened atmosphere in the care home that positively impacted the mood of residents"

"It's the BUZZ, the excitement of new faces, new knowledge, people talking about themselves"

"The learners did come, and they did listen"

Above is a video of Jeans story at Lakeside care home. Click here to read more.