Social Care CLE Guide

Foreword from Michelle Featherstone

It gives me great pleasure to be able to present this Guide which has been developed by the Greater Manchester Social Care Learning Environment Group. This collaboration has involved local people who use social care and health care services, social care providers, higher education institutions, learners who have inspired the people who access care and the social care workforce, through the care they provide while learning in our system.

We know that as we work towards a truly integrated system approach to delivering the best possible services for people who draw on care and health and support in Greater Manchester, there is work to be done to raise the profile and value of adult social care as an integral part of that system, which includes the 64,000 paid, and the 280,000 unwaged carers who work within that sector.

This is why, when developing the Guide, everyone involved agreed that to change hearts and minds it is crucial to showcase the REAL social care sector, its values, dedication, professionalism and impact, which is best illustrated by a range of honest and open personal stories. 

I wanted to share with you my own personal story and experience about the remarkable care my Dad received from social care and health care services during his end-of-life journey.

In producing this Guide with the Group, I am delighted to showcase the many examples that we have collected from across the social care sector which display the passion and breadth of marvellous opportunities within adult social care for our learners who train across Greater Manchester.

Michelle Featherstone
Chair – Education Transformation Alliance 
Workforce Education & Transformation Lead – Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership

The Education Transformation Alliance is part of the Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership and is a group which brings together social care and health, education and local authority leaders.

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