Social Care CLE Guide

Tanya Taylor

2nd Year BSc Adult Nursing Student Bolton Hospice placement

My final placement of the first year was at Bolton Hospice. When I was first informed of the placement area I had mixed emotions, firstly I was excited to learn from the nurses who had originally inspired me to study to be a nurse. But I was also apprehensive that I might find it upsetting and a gloomy place to be.

Fortunately, I couldn’t have been more wrong!  The hospice itself is a light and welcoming, the staff are amazing and show how to provide holistic care to the patients and their loved ones.  

I have learnt lots of clinical skills including catheter care and syringe driver use.  All the members of the MDT at the hospice are willing to teach students their valuable roles in person-centred end of life care. The hospice has inspired me to involve not only the patient but in their own care but their friends/families who are often effected negatively when their loved one is unwell.

I will take so many skills forward into my future role as a nurse learnt at the hospice and which can apply to endless areas of nursing.